OpenET uses a multi-tiered system for data access.


Quota restrictions exist to ensure the availability of computing resources for the entire OpenET community. Attempting to circumvent quota restrictions through the use of multiple OpenET accounts is a violation of the Terms of Service and will lead to accounts being removed.

Available Tiers

Account quotas will reset at the 1st of every month to the values shown below. When you have your Earth Engine account linked with OpenET the export EECU seconds limit will be set to . This will automatically grant you access to the 2nd tier listed when you add your Cloud Project ID in your OpenET account profile.

Understanding the Values

Monthly Query Limit
The number of requests which can be made in a given month. 
Max Area Acres
Maximum area per request.
Max Polygons
Maximum number of features contained in a shapefile asset id per raster request. 
Export EECU Seconds
Total compute time for raster export requests in a given month. This is measured in Earth Engine Compute Unit Seconds. 
Is file encryption enabled for exports on your account. 
Earth Engine Linking
Is ee account linking enabled on your account.
Max Field IDS
Maximum number of OpenET field ids used for a single request.

Rate Limits

OpenET does have a global request limit for individual users of 20 per minute with a maximum of 500 per hour.

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