OpenET uses best available science to provide easily accessible satellite-based evapotranspiration (ET) data for improved water management across the western United States.


The API was developed so that data from OpenET can be easily integrated into other data and decision support systems. It also supports queries of data using your own field boundaries or areas of interest, and can help generate custom reports for specific time periods of interest. The API enables automated and operational use of the data within irrigation scheduling tools, hydrologic models, water accounting or trading platforms, and other farm, ranch, and water management software.

While data accessible through the Data Explorer Interface will be a rolling 5-6 year archive, the OpenET API will support retrieval of data over longer time periods with data availability extending for 30+ years for some geographies in the near future. The ultimate goal is to develop ET data archives from 1985 to present across the United States.

By providing access to such a wide range of functionalities and data, our API helps foster innovation, planning and the creation of novel solutions.

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